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Gem Stones, Coins & Jewelry

At The Outpost we offer one of a kind Gem Stones, Early and Mid American Coins, Native American and Imported Jewelry.


Native American Jewelry

Native American jewelry features beads, wood, shells, copper and silver, ivory, soapstone, coral, amber, turquoise and other semi precious stones. 

The Outpost prides itself on its ever changing inventory of Authentic Native American jewelry  by attending Native American tribal events across the country and also in trading directly with the artisans for unique one of a kind works of art. 

Authentic Native American Rings, Most all of them are One of a Kind

Jewelry styles are different in every Native American tribe, however the differences are not as recognizable as individual tribal arts and crafts. This is because Native American jewelry and the materials used for making it have always been items of trade even before settlers arrived in America. Native Americans with access to shells, traded the shells with other tribes, showing the great importance of the body adornment trade in Northern America.

Authentic Native American Bracelets, Most all of them are One of a Kind

Native American jewelry has always remained strong throughout the years by incorporating new materials and techniques such as glass beads and more advanced metalworking techniques.  

There are two types of Native American jewelry: metalwork, and beadwork.

Authentic Cherokee Beaded Bracelets.

Hopi silver bracelets, and Navajo turquoise inlay with silver was developed from learning the craft of silversmithing from the Spanish in the 1800's.  Native American beadwork, however, was already extremely advanced to include fine grinding of turquoise, coral, and shell. Obviously a lot of the raw materials can be readily purchased in this day and age, however the technique of hand crafted beading hasn't changed in centuries.


Authentic Native American Jewelry & Findings / The Knives are Imported



Gem Stones

At the Outpost you can find a variety of Gem Stones to include Amethyst Geodes, various Crystals and Fossils. Some gem stones are purchased at trade events and specialized trade dealers however a lot have been found and processed directly by the folks at The Outpost. 



Early and Mid American Coins
Coin collecting is a lot of fun and is a Great American past time.

The Outpost has an ever-changing collection of Early and Mid American Coins. We buy, sell and trade on a daily basis, next time you are in the area bring in that old coin that you have had stuffed in your sock drawer and we will be happy to let you know what it's worth!


Our Inventory is constantly changing, to purchase items from our web site please contact us via email or phone prior to placing your order or better yet come by and visit us.

We Accept Visa and MasterCard!

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